Beat the traffic

AI based mini game where players can globally enchant traffic jams.

'Beat the traffic' is an AI based mini game where players can globally enchant traffic jams at iconic locations and turn them into nicer things like unicorns, rainbows and driving trees. Traffic participants are detected by computer vision based on machine learning, which allows the game to know where, what and how things are moving through the concrete jungle. It’s on the players dexterity to transform cars and collect all bonus points.

Once players have beaten the traffic in their city they may submit their highscore. After every game our mobility heroes also learn how many cars they’ve transformed and how few busses would have been needed for transporting their passengers.

Play here!

Concept & Idea
Benedikt Groß, Markus Kreutzer, Thibault Durand

Benedikt Groß

Visual Design
Markus Kreutzer

Interaction Design
Markus Kreutzer

Front-End Development
Thibault Durand, Markus Kreutzer

Back-End Development
Thibault Durand

Soundtrack & Sounds
Bobby Kudlicz

Raphael Reimann

3D Modeling
Herwig Scherabon

Dev Ops
Florian Porada, Thomas Derleth

Tooling & Scripting
Florian Porada, Benedikt Groß

License Plate Censoring
Dror Gluska

Traffic Footage
Moritz Phleps, Markus Kreutzer, Mariana Greif, Kristina Cranfeld, David Leonard, Piotr Erdman, Superfly Productions, Joey Lee, Vivid Frame Media, Hiroki Yokoyama

Tools & Libraries
React, Next, Canvas, Yolo, Node-Yolo, Node Moving Things Tracker, Open Data Cam